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The operation of PRISM can be configured in a number of ways. From the GUI, select "Options" from the main menu to bring up the "Options" dialog. The settings are grouped under several tabs. Those which affect the basic model checking functionality of the tool are under the heading "PRISM". Separate settings are available for the simulator and various aspects of the GUI (the model editor, the property editor and the log).

User options and settings for the GUI are saved in a file locally and reused. Currently the "Options" dialog in the GUI represents the easiest way to modify the settings, but the settings file is in a simple textual format and can also be edited by hand. To restore the default options for PRISM, click "Load Defaults" and then "Save Options" from the "Options" dialog in the GUI. Alternatively, delete the settings file re-launch the GUI. The location of the settings file depends on the operating system. As of PRISM 4.5, it is stored in:

  • $HOME/.prism (if the settings file was already created by an older version of PRISM)
  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/prism.settings (on Linux, if that environment variable is set)
  • $HOME/.config/prism.settings (on Linux, if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set)
  • $HOME/Library/Preferences/prism.settings (on Mac OS)
  • .prism in the user's home directory, e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\username (on Windows)

From the command-line version of PRISM, options are controlled by switches. A full list can be displayed by typing:

prism -help

For some switches, whose format is not straightforward, there is additional help available on the command-line, using -help switch. For example:

prism -help const
prism -help simpath
prism -help exportresults
prism -help exportmodel

The settings file is ignored by the command-line version (unlike earlier versions of PRISM, where it was used). You can, however, request that the settings file is read, using the -settings switch, e.g.:

prism -settings ~/.prism

In the following sections, we give a brief description of the most important configuration options available.

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Configuring PRISM

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