PRISM - Google Summer of Code - Application Template

Here is the suggested template for applications to PRISM for Google Summer of Code (to be submitted via this site).

  1. Name / email address.

  2. Project title

  3. Project description. What are the goals that you hope to accomplish in you project? Give a tentative schedule, including some suggested milestones for the project.

  4. Tell us about yourself. Where are you a student? (university, department, year, supervisor) What are your qualifications and academic interests? What other background knowledge or expertise do you have that would be helpful your project?

  5. Summarise your experience with software development, focusing in particular on the languages/technologies/libraries needed for your project. Have you worked on an open-source project in that past, whether through GSoC or otherwise?

  6. What is your availability this summer? Do you have other commitments?

  7. Describe any discussions you have already had with the PRISM team about your proposed project.

  8. What do you hope to gain from contributing to PRISM through GSoC?