"Multi-player Equilibria Verification for Concurrent Stochastic Gamess" - Supporting Material

Paper: "Multi-player Equilibria Verification for Concurrent Stochastic Games"
Marta Kwiatkowska, Gethin Norman, David Parker and Gabriel Santos

Models and Properties

Included below are the models and properties for case studies included in the paper. The models are concurrent stochastic games (CSGs) and the properties are rPTAL Nash formulae.

Unfortunately we cannot distribute the tool as it uses the COIN-OR Interior Point Optimizer IPOPT software package in combination with other third-party libraries including the HSL Mathematical Software Library which do not allow redistribution. We are at working on a solution to this issue and aim to incorporate the implementation into the next release of PRISM-games.

The log files from the experiments from the paper (Table 3) are available from here.