1. FGF binds to FGFR
       FGF+FGFR ↔ FGFR:FGF (kon=5e+8 M-1s-1, koff=1e-1 s-1)

2. Whilst FGFR:FGF exists
       FGFR Y653 → FGFR Y653P (kcat=0.1s-1)
       FGFR Y654 → FGFR Y654P (kcat=0.1s-1)

3. When FGFR Y653P and FGFR Y654P
       FGFR Y463 → FGFR Y463P (kcat=70s-1)
       FGFR Y583 → FGFR Y583P (kcat=70s-1)
       FGFR Y585 → FGFR Y585P (kcat=70s-1)
       FGFR Y766 → FGFR Y766P (kcat=70s-1)

4. FGFR binds FRS2
       FGFR+ FRS2 ↔ FGFR:FRS2 (kon=1e+6 M-1s-1, koff=2e-2 s-1)

5. When FGFR Y653P, FGFR Y654P and FGFR:FRS2
       FRS2 Y196 → FRS2 Y196P (kcat=0.2s-1)
       FRS2 Y290 → FRS2 Y290P (kcat=0.2s-1)
       FRS2 Y306 → FRS2 Y306P (kcat=0.2s-1)
       FRS2 Y382 → FRS2 Y382P (kcat=0.2s-1)
       FRS2 Y392 → FRS2 Y392P (kcat=0.2s-1)
       FRS2 Y436 → FRS2 Y436P (kcat=0.2s-1)
       FRS2 Y471 → FRS2 Y471P (kcat=0.2s-1)

6. Reverse when Shp2 bound to FRS2:
       FRS2 Y196P → FRS2 Y196 (kcat=12s-1)
       FRS2 Y290P → FRS2 Y290 (kcat=12s-1)
       FRS2 Y306P → FRS2 Y306 (kcat=12s-1)
       FRS2 Y382P → FRS2 Y382 (kcat=12s-1)
       FRS2 Y436P → FRS2 Y436 (kcat=12s-1)
       FRS2 Y471P → FRS2 Y471 (kcat=12s-1)
       FRS2 Y392P → FRS2 Y392 (kcat=12s-1)

7. FRS2 effectors bind phosphoFRS2:
       Src+FRS2 Y196P ↔ Src:FRS2 Y2196P (kon=1e+6 M-1s-1, koff=2e-2 s-1
       Grb2+FRS2 Y306P ↔ Grb2:FRS2 Y306P (kon=1e+6 M-1s-1, koff=2e-2 s-1)
       Shp2+FRS2 Y471P ↔ Shp2:FRS2 Y471P (kon=1e+6 M-1s-1, koff=2e-2 s-1)

8. When Src:FRS2 we relocate/remove
       Src:FRS2 → relocate out (t1/2 = 15min)

9. When Plc:FGFR it degrades FGFR
       PLC+FGFR Y766 ↔ PLC:FGFR Y766 (kon=1e+6 M-1s-1, koff=2e-2 s-1)
       PLC:FGFR Y766 → degFGFR (t1/2 = 60 min)

10. Spry appears in time dependent manner:
       → Spry (t1/2 = 10min)

11. Spry binds Src and is phosphorylated:
       Spry+Src ↔ Spry Y55:Src (kon=1e+5 M-1s-1, koff=1e-4 s-1)
       Spry Y55:Src → Spry Y55P:Src (kcat=10s-1)
       Spry Y55P+Src ↔ Spry Y55P:Src (kon=1e+5 M-1s-1, koff=1e-4 s-1)
       Spry Y55P+Cbl ↔ Spry Y55P:Cbl (kon=1e+5 M-1s-1, koff=1e-4 s-1)
       Spry Y55P+Grb2 ↔ Spry Y55P:Grb2 (kon=1e+5 M-1s-1, koff=1e-4 s-1)

12. phosphoSpry binds Cbl which degrades/removes FRS2
       Spry Y55P:Cbl+FRS2 ↔ FRS-Ubi (kcat=8.5e-4s-1)
       FRS2-Ubi → degFrs2 (t1/2 = 5min)

13. Spry is dephosphorylated by Shp2: (when Shp2 bound to FRS2)
       Spry Y55P → Spry Y55 (kcat=12s-1)
14. Grb2 binds Sos
       Grb2+Sos ↔ Grb2:Sos (kon=1e+5 M-1s-1, koff=1e-4 s-1)